Nutopia Orchards Coming To Innovate And Evolve The Way Of Mindfull Snacking

Utopias are may not be realizable but we can follow our hunger to discover…



We believe that we humans are the keystone species for preserving the life balance of flora and fauna. And, if we can re-adjust our solutions, we can become the primary vector for the regeneration of our planet.

Nutopia Orchards decentralized autonomous organization, born and evolved from a journey. And we try to take people on the same journey around nuts and fruits orchards to convey our perspective through micro to a macro understanding of these marvel ingredients.

 Our innovative solutions are targeting to improve the happiness index and positive climate impact of nuts & fruits.

 *Critical bacterial families and Mycorrhizal fungal network

*Biochar and Collective Composting

*Organic fertilizers and Regenerative Farming

*Harvest insurance and Carbon credit protocols

*Fintech and accessible Decentralized Finance

 We all want a future that’s real, that matters.

 Nutopia Orchards

Designed by common meticulous people as an attempt to be part of the solution.


Ozkan Cabitkan

Ozkan Cabitkan


Never gives up ,hardworking , visioner , connective leader of Nutopia Orchards

Federica Di Pierri

Federica Di Pierri


Highly organized and sweethearted devoted dynamo of Nutopia Orchards

Irma Brizzi

Irma Brizzi

Hazelnut Sommelier

World first professional hazelnut sommelier.Truly devoted life to spread her passion and consciousness for hazelnut.

Yavuz Yesil

Yavuz Yesil

Food Engineer

True geek of mixology from borders of discoveries and destination to unknowns.


Agata Longitano

Agata Longitano

Almond And Pistachio Expert

Charismatic early supporter and mentor of Nutopia.Her astonishing career is true example of woman willpower.

Alessandro Natile

Alessandro Natile

Hazelnut Expert

Super humble person, all the way along.True believer and supporter of innovative new age entrepreneurships.