Beauty Nectar of Nutopia Orchards


Beauty Nectar made with 3 essential natural ingredients to boost skin health and happiness.

7 Day of Intermittent Hazelnut Fasting

Here is my hazelnut fasting journey with blood test results before and after.

Gastro Hazelnut Experience 

Hazelnut tasting event managed by Master Irma Brizi.

Visiting Bruno Orchards

Life time of hazelnut farming in Castellero/ASTI.



Pruning day in Nutopia Orchards

Sharing a Pruning experience with winner of 2018 Golden Hazelnut Award.



Sagra Di Nocciole Castellero / Asti

Hazelnut festival Castellero Asti
Comments on the future of the Hazelnut Industry in the world and plantation the seeds of future Hazelnut unions between producer countries to make a movement together against climate change